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Fountain Square and Tyler Davidson Fountain in Downtown Cincinnati

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Fountain Square and Tyler Davidson Fountain in Downtown Cincinnati

Published Oct 25, 2016
Updated Jun 13, 2017

Dedicated in 1871, the Tyler Davidson Fountain is the centerpiece of Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati. The statue is also known as the "Genius of Water," which pays homage to the Ohio River and its significance to the development of the entire city.

Fountain Square Cincinnati, Ohio:

Fountain Square has been the symbolic center of downtown Cincinnati ever since the fountain’s installation. Tyler Davidson Fountain was initially conceptualized in the late 1800's by influential Cincinnati businessman Henry Probasco.

Who Was Tyler Davidson?

Probasco was searching for a proper tribute to his business partner and brother-in-law Tyler Davidson, and secured the fountain on a visit to Germany. A large part of Cincinnati’s population at the time was either from Germany or of German descent and that is still true today. The statue originally faced east toward Europe for the same reason.

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Fun Facts About the Queen City

Fountain Square Restoration:

The Tyler Davidson Fountain was first renovated in 1970 for its Centennial celebration, then again in 1999. In 2005, the entire Fountain Square was redone and the statue was moved to the center of Fountain Square. Many people who visit Cincinnati may remember the Fountain from the opening sequence of the popular hit TV sitcom, "WKRP in Cincinnati."

Fountain Square Cincinnati Events:

More than two million people attend the many events held in Fountain Square throughout the year, including Oktoberfest and the accompanying Wiener Dog races, as well as movies, concerts and Halloween events. There is even an ice rink that is installed during the winter months, and Christkindlemarkt has become a much-anticipated holiday event every year on Fountain Square.

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Fountain Square is family friendly and a great spot to enjoy all year round for locals and visitors, who come to enjoy the fun atmosphere and regular goings on. Many times Fountain Square even serves as an outdoor patio from which to enjoy the entire downtown Cincinnati area, so be sure to check out the many rooftop restaurants and bars. There are many fabulous restaurants located around and within a very short walking distance from the Square, as well as some amazing shopping destinations.

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Fountain Square Summer of Series:

Fountain Square is also host to the annual PNC Summer Series at Fountain Square. All summer long beginning in late May, concerts, trivia contests and salsa dancing are held on various nights of the week. 

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