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BB Riverboats Captain's Lunch Cruise on the Ohio River

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BB Riverboats Captain's Lunch Cruise on the Ohio River

Aug 29, 2018

By: Kevin Yazell

I can’t think of a better way to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening that a slow cruise up the Ohio River with BB Riverboats. The cool breeze will calm even the worst heat and provides a perfect backdrop to any setting. The crew at BB Riverboats has mastered the art of entertaining on the river!

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The entire crew at BB Riverboats takes great pride in the experience they deliver and every team member contributes with their own unique touches and bits of knowledge throughout the journey. As you cruise along the Ohio, the trip is narrated with bits of local and river history all along the way to keep you both entertained and enlightened.

BB Riverboats offers many different themed cruises and special events throughout the season, which is nearly year round. Only when the winter is too cold does the ship not sail.

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We took a recent Captain’s Lunch Cruise and thoroughly enjoyed it. The cool breeze, friendly staff and fabulous food and drinks made for a truly memorable afternoon. We won’t wait long before scheduling a dinner version of the same excursion!

As we embarked upon the ship and were selecting our seats we saw the incredible food we were going to be served as it was beautifully laid out on the buffet table. Now…I said buffet table but let me be clear, this is home made food and made with lots of care and love. Not an ordinary buffet in any way. Chef Jesus has come up with some winning recipes the entire menu and they warranted more than just the two stops I made!

We started with the homemade guacamole and chips. Sounds cliché, but this handmade guac was out of this world and we difficult to stop eating it. You tell all the ingredients were fresh and the balance of flavor was spot on. I’m a huge fan of guacamole and its very easy for me to be disappointed, Not this time. Highly recommended!

Next up was the potato salad and cole slaw from the buffet table. We also made salads from the fresh greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and other toppings provided. The homemade ranch dressing really sets the salad at BB Riverboats apart from any others.

The potato salad and cole slaw were both extremely fresh and, as with the salads, the dressing made the dish! After the sides and salads it was time for the main course. Roasted vegetables and Saratoga Chips were available to complement the main dishes.

The sliced pork loin was tender and tasty, as was the pulled pork. Either could be topped with their homemade BBQ sauce or home made apple chutney. I chose to do both! The apple chutney was truly something special.

The marinated chicken was just as tender and tasty as the pork and a delight at every bite I must say.

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After lunch, you have plenty of time to explore the boat, walk the deck and interact with the crew. Banjo Bob, a longtime staple on the cruises, serves up many Dixieland favorites throughout the trip and brings the feel of the steamboat full circle to the appropriate time period.

The views alone are well worth the trip and you can really appreciate the area’s geography and how it accommodates some great views for homeowners on both sides of the river.

Captain Mike is happy to provide his thoughts and personal history regarding traveling and boating along the Ohio. If you’re lucky, you may even get to help him steer the ship for just a bit. It seems navigating the bridges and depths of the river could be tricky but Captain Mike makes it seem easy as his experience and love of the journey is immediately apparent.

After about 90 minutes of fun it was time to return to the dock in Newport, KY. Everyone came off the boat with smiles on their faces and all of us were better for having taken the trip.

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A trip on one of the BB Riverboats cruises is an absolute must for anyone, local or visiting, interested in Cincinnati and its history. These cruises capture a significant moment in American and Cincinnati history and bring it to life for us to enjoy. It is a very relaxing and entertaining way to break out of work mode and do something nice for you! And who doesn’t enjoy a ride on the river!


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