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Patio Dining at Blinkers Tavern

Dining at Roebling Point

Jan 25, 2020

Located in Covington, at the foot of the beautiful and iconic John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, the small square of Roebling Point offers a peaceful oasis of relaxed dining and drinking options in a nostalgic Town Square setting.

Just two blocks long and wide, Roebling Point is accessible by foot via the Roebling Suspension bridge from downtown Cincinnati and only a few steps from any of the many hotels in the Covington area.

Here all of the many restaurants and pubs that line the streets offer the best al fresco dining experiences anywhere in the Cincinnati area. The food options are diverse and there is something here for everyone.

Smoke Justis is a local favorite and they take their food and drinks seriously! They are regionally famous for their
exceptional BBQ, smoked meats and wings as well as their carefully selected selection of craft beers and specialty whiskies.

With 34 taps of the finest craft beers available, you’ll find several that will become your new favorites. In their basement, is the area’s first and only “pour it yourself” draft beer wall! Twenty choices and you don’t have to have
a whole pint… pour as much or as little as you want because you’re paying by the ounce.

As an added bonus Smoke Justis has an arcade, also in the basement, to keep you busy with your favorite arcade games from long ago.

Smoke Justis has also collected one of the most extensive and complete selections of bourbon, rye and whiskies
anywhere in the region. Their selection is well known and admired by bourbon aficionados throughout the area.

Blinkers Tavern has been a local favorite for several years now and has been awarded the "Best Steak in Northern Kentucky" every year since 2013! This trendy steakhouse features an array of appetizing steaks, seafood, pasta and sandwiches. Vegetarian options are also available. They’ve even found a way to incorporate, Goetta, a local creation, into the menu.

Blinkers Tavern is a crowd pleaser and offers something for everyone. The owners are huge Thoroughbred racing fans and their love of the sport is reflected in the restaurant’s décor and menu.

Both of these restaurants are sure bets and you’ll be making a return visit on your next trip to the Cincinnati area. They both offer some of the best dining out in the area and in a perfect setting!

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